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The gift of  ritual lies within~
Ritual Holiday Care Pack


Organic, Small Batch Products

Each Seramonē product is carefully crafted by me and by hand. Time and care are always taken when creating each powerful herbal product. Growing herbs and medicinal plants started as a way to cope and heal, nature called and I listened with curiosity. It has since become a passion, a way to support the healing process of others. These products are medicinally-based, working with many local and native plants to infuse their magical properties into a potent result!

Whether sinking into a soaking tub with a relaxing tea bath or nourishing your skin with one of my all-purpose salves, face serums or smudge spray - Sermonē ritual care products align to revitalize a healthy practice of intentional self care.


Herbal Remedies






Many of the organic ingredients used in each product are cultivated in my own front yard, with others harvested from nearby WNC small farms. Each participating ingredient is considered first for its healing properties, then for its complimentary components for all skin types, and finally for the inviting experience it will ineviteably produce.


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